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We're always trying to improve, and here's what we've done recently, and what it means for you.

Goodbye eConvenor, hello Meetniq!

14 June 2019

What's changed and why?

If you've used this service before May 2019, you'll know that we used to be called eConvenor. Our new name is Meetniq. We pronounce it meet-nik.

We changed it because as we get more users in more parts of the world, we realised that not everyone knows what a 'convenor' is, so the name eConvenor was confusing. Also, we just liked the sound of the new one.

Latest features


29 June 2019

You can now add attachments to your minutes and agendas. You can attach PDFs, spreadsheets, images, or any other type of file you need.

Shared Tasks

1 May 2019

Tasks can now be shared among several people in your group. You will simply need to add the names when you create a task, and choose one person to coordinate the task and mark it complete.

Born of frustration, built with hope.

Meetniq makes your meetings more effective, and helps you keep track.