The Meetniq project


We provide the Meetniq service to help activist groups around the world be better organised and more effective.


The project went live as eConvenor in April 2014, and the name was changed to Meetniq in June 2019.

The core of the project are Keira and Sky — two activists from Melbourne, Australia. We were motivated to create Meetniq by decades of watching activist groups struggle to organise themselves and be effective.

Between us we have 35 years experience of getting things done in small business, public service, management, activism and software development. We even met organising a political campaign!

Supporting free access for activists

Meetniq is free for grassroots campaigns trying to make the world a better place. Our paid plans support this free access.

In July we will launch, open to any user. The apps have the same core features, though the version is more suited to activists, and over time they may have different services integrated.

The best way to support free access is to recommend Meetniq to your friends.