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What people say about Meetniq

"It's invaluable to us as a voluntary organisation with little funding - it really helps get us organised and stay on track!"

Klina, United Kingdom

"Using the program's simple tools, and clear formatting has really improved the quality of our minutes. It has ... given us a greater sense of making progress."

Jonathan, Australia

"I would recommend Meetniq because it is a great tool which can get your activist group organised."

Nicole, Australia

Meetniq is a dedicated meeting platform


Before your meeting, Meetniq creates and sends a beautiful meeting agenda.


During your meeting, Meetniq captures the tasks assigned and decisions made.


As the meeting ends, Meetniq finishes the minutes and sends them out.


After the meeting, Meetniq automatically follows up all the assigned tasks.

What will Meetniq do for you?

Save you a lot of time

Meetniq does the work of following people in your group up about their tasks automatically. It lets you create meeting agendas and minutes faster than ever, then it distributes them for you. You'll have more time for the real work.

Make you more effective

Meetniq will make sure everyone in your group is clear about decisions made in meetings and the tasks they have to do. Say goodbye to the days of tasks being unassigned or forgotten. Your group will get more done.

Nudge you to good process

Meetniq is designed to guide you toward being better organised and having good meetings. It'll remind you to assign tasks to people, help record your decisions clearly and make sure that meetings finish on time.

Built by activists, for activists.

Meetniq helps activist groups everywhere be more effective.

The story behind Meetniq

We're two ordinary people from Melbourne, Australia, who were frustrated with the time we saw wasted because of poor internal organisation. Each activist and organising group we belonged to was reinventing the wheel. Great ideas, skills and organisational memory were lost each time an activist moved on.

We were sure there had to be a better way. We looked around for tools which could help, but couldn't find anything that suited our needs or the activist budget.

Taking on the DIY spirit of activism and social movements, we learnt new skills and made our own organising tool – Meetniq. It will keep your group well-organised, running smoothly and most importantly, effective.

We really hope you like it as much as we do.

Keep fighting!

Keira & Sky