Here's how it works...

Clear, well-organised agendas

A good agenda is the foundation for a good meeting. Meetniq makes excellent agendas easy, whether you're a veteran or a new activist.

  • Prompts for all the important information
  • Calculates the meeting end time
  • Adds lists of outstanding tasks to make sure nothing is forgotten
  • Turns your agenda into an email with a PDF copy attached
  • Emails it straight to your group

"The automatically-generated agenda PDF was surprising - in a good way! Really helpful and easy to read!" – Jonathan, Australia

Your best-ever minutes

Meeting minutes are your record of discussions and decisions. Meetniq makes it quick, easy and painless to produce great minutes.

  • Agendas automatically create minutes templates
  • Meetniq turns minutes into an email with a PDF copy attached and sends them out
  • Tasks are summarised separately for easy reference
  • Meetniq's minutes design is based on 30 years of experience

"It has made recording and sending the minutes easier, and given them a more consistent and professional look." – Denise, Australia

"I love it! The minute taking process is so much easier." – Bonnie, Australia

Automatic task coordination

Do you wish that someone else could remind people to do what they said they'd do? Meetniq will do that.

  • Collects and tracks tasks assigned in meetings
  • Emails reminders to people when their tasks are due
  • Participants can manage their own tasks without needing to log in
  • Lists of tasks appear for review in agendas and minutes
  • Meetniq sends task reminders so you don't have to

"The best part is that it manages our actions sending reminders. Once actions are minuted there is no losing track of them." – Kieran, Australia

Safely-stored documents

Great-looking documents, all organised and stored securely in one place.

  • The design of Meetniq's agendas and minutes draws on decades of experience
  • Agendas and meeting minutes emails have easily-archiveable PDF versions attached
  • All your decisions are available in a searchable list
  • Keep all your meeting minutes and agendas in one place